I typically meet my couples in person to go over any remaining questions not answered through initial emails. It’s a great time to connect and to get to know each other. I find the time is best used when both parties are put at ease. For me, that’s understanding the couple on a deeper level, what they might expect from me on their wedding day, and any small details such as bridal party size or stuff of that nature; things that might effect the timeline for the day. For couples, I find that most couples come with similar questions, which can be answered down below. Otherwise, I suggest you get to know a little bit more about me on meet and greets and determine if you feel happy and eager to have me as your wedding photographer!

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Booking, Packages, & Pricing

How do we book you?

To book me, a deposit of 1/4 of your total wedding package is required to hold your wedding date. At that point, you are booked!

What about the rest of the payment?

The remaining 3/4 of the wedding package is due 6 weeks before your wedding ceremony date.

Do you do payment plans?

Yes! I’ve had couples pay me a certain amount each month up until their 6 week mark before the ceremony. Whatever works best for you is fine with me, as long as you are fully paid 6 weeks before the ceremony.

How much do you cost?

I have several wedding packages, which are largely based on hours spent shooting your wedding. Wedding photography costs are more than just the time spent shooting your wedding though. Gear, experience, planning, in-person meetings, driving, room & board if applicable, photo hosting, file back-up, film, and much more goes shooting your wedding!

We don’t fit in a package

That is perfectly fine! Every wedding is different and you may only need 4 hours of coverage. Contact me and we can come up with the perfect, custom package that fits your wedding.

Are prices negotiable?

My prices are set in stone and have been thought on and calculated. However, certain situations come up and there may be applicable discounts. Feel free to contact me and we can talk about it!

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What is a second shooter? Do I need one?

A second shooter is an additional photographer that will accompany me and act as my assistant for the day. Their benefits are incredible and far out-weight their $250 cost. They provide twice the amount of photos for me to go through when selecting your best images. They capture moments where my cameras can’t always land: this can range from them capturing the groomsmen getting ready while I capture the bridesmaids or they capture the groom’s reaction while I capture the bride’s reaction walking down the aisle. They also capture unique angles during moments where I’m the main shooter in a scenario. Finally, they act as an assistant that I can call on whenever I need a task done such as running for a certain item, contacting the wedding planner, pinning boutonnieres, etc.

Your engagement sessions are free. Why?

I give engagement shoots away for free if you purchase a wedding package because I believe the experience you gain from them is really important for your wedding day. A lot of times, engagement sessions are some of the first experiences for couples in front of a camera together. It is nice to let some of the pressure off during an engagement session, learn more about me and my photo process, get used to showing affection between each other in front of a camera, and finally, it’s just awesome having great looking photos to show off!

You mentioned not using traditional posing. What does that mean?

While I do shoot traditional posed shots, I mainly focus on capturing images that are loosely posed during a portrait session. What I mean by this is that I put my couples in loose poses, but I then provide cues and direction to get my couples to interact with each other. It is through these interactions that the true you is revealed as well as true notions of love and affection.

I’m awkward in front of the camera

Trust me, we all feel this way! Again, you don’t have to worry about posing too much. I will provide some direction and while it may seem awkward in the moment, you will be surprised and how good you look; it happens every time! I am super welcome to just hanging out and shooting you from afar such as hanging out at a brewery or going on a hike. I’m all about capturing the true you, so do what feels the most like you!

Do you have an editing style? Do you change it?

I edit all of my photographs to mimic Kodak Ektar 100 film. It is my favorite look and I find it is a nice balance between light and airy and dark and moody. My camera gear seems to work best with this type of editing style as well! Each image is hand-picked and edited, one by one, to provide a curated album for you to have after the wedding. If you are looking for a light and airy photographer, or one who edits extremely dark, I am probably not the photographer for you. I occasionally change my editing style depending on certain lighting situations.

Do you provide black & white edits?

Yes! I absolutely love the look of black and white photographs. My process for providing those images is picking out some of my favorite shots as well as shots that I think would look best in black and white and edit those in black and white. I am always welcome to editing more if you want a certain colored image in black and white, just let me know!

Are you a film photographer?

I currently do not shoot in film, but I am in the process of adding it to my services for 2020!

Do you provide video services?

No, but I have recommendations! Just ask me!

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Delivery of Goods

How long does it take to receive our images back?

Full weddings are delivered within 6 weeks of your wedding date. Previews of at least 20 images from your day are typically delivered a few days to a week after your wedding date.

How many images will we receive?

I promise a range of 50-100 images per hour of coverage. I believe in quality of quantity, so each image is hand-picked and curated by me. For the most part, I always try and pick in focus, beautiful sweet moments. It is ultimately up to me to judge what is delivered to the client. For an additional fee, you can receive every image that I took.

What is a print release?

All of my packages come with a print release, which is basically an agreement that you are free to download and print your images for personal use. They cannot be sold for personal gain.

What is an online viewing gallery?

I host all of my photos on Pixieset, which is a photo hosting website that provides clients their photos is an easy to use, beautiful web experience. You can download, print, and even create albums via Pixieset. Photos are hosted on my Pixieset account for at least 2 years.

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Choosing a Photographer

How do you choose a wedding photographer?

While it is a loaded question, I believe there are some things you should look for from my perspective. Editing style is probably the first thing I would suggest you notice from any photographer you are exploring. What qualities about the photo do you notice? Does the environment look unrealistic, dreamy, or is it true to life? Are the photos lit by the sun or are they lit by a flash? There are about 4 camps: light and airy, dark and moody, right in the middle of the two, and finally, manufactured. What I mean by manufactured is that the photographs are obviously lit by flash and have an over-produced quality to them usually involving some sort of photo manipulation. Identify a style that you love and determine if that photographer consistently edits that way.

Price is obviously important. A lot of photographers don’t show their full pricing on their websites. If they suggest pricing starts at a certain amount, just be aware that is the bottom floor for their pricing; that price could potentially be a quote for a 4 hour, small intimate wedding package. Email them to get the full package details.

Other than that, I wrote up a great little page about why you should choose Wimberley Creative that includes topics like trust and putting your mind at ease. You want to have full confidence in your wedding photographer. You also want to click with your photographer; you’ll be spending a lot of time together over the next year!

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Do you have insurance?

I do! I have liability insurance for $1 million.

What gear do you use?

Like every photographer, I definitely geek out about the gear. I am currently using a mirrorless camera system by Fuji. I’ve worked as a professional photographer for my day job for over 4 years and through that, have come across all sorts of camera gear. For me, the Fuji system provides me the best photo quality to gear weight ratio; you spend a lot of time on your feet as a wedding photographer. Mirrorless camera systems are taking over the photography scene and will most likely replace DSLRs. I believe Fuji makes the best mirrorless camera system because of their color technology. The colors straight out of camera are vibrant and closely mimic film.

What if you get sick?

I answer this on my Why choose Wimberley Creative page, but to reiterate, I highly depend on my second shooters. I have a go-to second shooter who knows my wedding day coverage process the best. She would ultimately become the main shooter and I’d hire a second shooter as her replacement if it was a situation where I couldn’t get out of bed. Otherwise, I would power through the day if I had something like a cold!

What if your camera dies?

I carry and shoot with 2 cameras during the entire day. I have a backup camera in my bag if one of those were to fail. My second shooters also carry 2 cameras. In the event that two of my cameras were to fail, I would utilize one of my second shooter’s. I am in the process of learning film photography, which will add an additional camera body to my kit.

Do we need to feed you?

I do require one meal for each photographer during the reception. I highly suggest allowing us to be one of the first groups to eat during the reception so that we can get back to shooting as soon as possible.

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