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Wimberley Creative Photography has been active in the wedding business industry since 2017.  Within that time, I have shot over 30 weddings in a 2 year period. Starting a business from scratch and getting that volume is pretty rare, but I believe it has come down to the passion I have displayed within the field.  This passion is what you should expect when you are a Wimberley Creative couple.

Photography With You In Mind

Wimberley Creative Photography wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for people like you. With every step and action taken to plan and produce photoshoots, it ultimately comes down to the ones getting their picture taken that determines the product of the creative.  Through my experience, Wimberley Creative Photography has crafted an experience where you have a say in what you want and expect out of me, how I should capture your day, and in a style that just screams you. Sure, I will lend my expert ear, but I try to accommodate everything with you in mind.


I have lived in North Carolina my entire life.  I also have had hobbies that have brought me to the farthest corners of the state.  I also see things differently. With all of that combined, I believe I carry useful experience in locating and utilizing locations for photo sessions.  Even if you think your venue or reception might have not a great location for portraits, you bet I will find something that will work; and it will look amazing!

Having lived and worked in Raleigh for over 5 years, I also have a wide range of connections within the area and within the industry.  If you need a recommendation for a vendor or anything wedding related, just let me know!

Melose Knitting Mill Wedding

Feeling At Ease

Weddings are full of moments, both planned and unplanned.  You can expect to get the usual planned group shots of family, but I also try hard to capture memories you might not expect to get.  I think a major part of this is feeling at ease with your photographer. The less you have to worry about, the more you can enjoy the day. The less you have to direct, the more time I have to explore capturing those special moments.  I usually come to every wedding with a few special shots in mind to capture that are unique to your wedding. Also, it you feel more at ease, the more natural you will look in your photos! Weddings are all about having a little fun and celebrating.  You shouldn’t have to stress too much on your wedding day. One of the most common comments I get after engagement sessions is that they didn’t expect getting their picture taken to be so fun; it’s so painless! For me, that’s one of my number one goals.

Plan B

A good photographer always has a plan b.  I have gotten these questions a few times in the past: what happens if your camera breaks or if you get deathly ill?  I personally carry 3 cameras and a wide bag of lenses. I also carry back up lights. My cameras also record to two different cards at a time.  Back at home, I have a 4 layer deep method for backing up my files. In regards to the illness situation, in my absence my go-to second shooter would become the main photographer as she knows how I carry out my weddings best.  To replace her, I would use another go-to second shooter.

You Have One Chance

Weddings are such a special time within a couple’s life.  For the most part, you only get married once. Hiring a professional photographer who knows weddings inside and out as well as photography to a high degree is important if you want every special moment captured at a consistent quality.

At the end of the day, photographs are some of the only aspects of the wedding that you can go back and relive.  Photos will last long enough to show to future generations. Again, you will want someone to put your mind at ease about capturing these moments.

Reynolda Gardens Engagement Session Winston Salem

We Share Passions

Couples spend a huge amount of time planning their wedding.  From the dress and suits to the reception details, there is a lot of thought that goes into everything.  I am obsessed with the little details; it’s truly what makes every wedding unique. As I know how important those details are to you, I will do my absolute best to capture every single little detail I can find so that all of that time you spent planning will be saved in photo form!

Recommendations & Referrals

I get a lot of my business through recommendations and referrals. In fact, they are probably the most important marketing aspect of my business.  To be recommended is so special to me and I always feel extremely humbled. There is an obvious trust that has been built between my couples and I and I believe it is a good sign of a great photographer.

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